In Keep, alerts are treated as first-class citizens, with clearly defined severities and statuses to aid in quick and efficient response.

Alert Severity

Alert severity in Keep is classified into five categories, helping teams prioritize their response based on the urgency and impact of the alert.

Severity LevelDescription
CRITICALRequires immediate action.
HIGHNeeds to be addressed soon.
WARNINGIndicates a potential problem.
INFOProvides information, no immediate action required.
LOWMinor issues or lowest priority.

Alert Status

The status of an alert in Keep reflects its current state in the alert lifecycle.

FIRINGActive alert indicating an ongoing issue.
RESOLVEDThe issue has been resolved, and the alert is no longer active.
ACKNOWLEDGEDThe alert has been acknowledged but not resolved.
SUPPRESSEDAlert is suppressed due to various reasons.
PENDINGNo Data or insufficient data to determine the alert state.

Provider Alert Mappings

Different providers might have their specific ways of defining and handling alert severity and status. Keep standardizes these variations by mapping them to the defined enums (AlertSeverity and AlertStatus).

Here’s how various providers align with Keep’s alert system:

ProviderSeverity MappingStatus Mapping
Prometheus“critical” -> CRITICAL “warning” -> WARNING, “info” -> INFO, “low” -> LOW“firing” -> FIRING, “resolved” -> RESOLVED
Datadog“P4” -> INFO, “P3” -> WARNING, “P2” -> HIGH, “P1” -> CRITICAL“Triggered” -> FIRING, “Recovered” -> RESOLVED, “Muted” -> SUPPRESSED
PagerDuty“P1” -> CRITICAL, “P2” -> HIGH, “P3” -> WARNING, “P4” -> INFO“triggered” -> FIRING, “acknowledged” -> ACKNOWLEDGED, “resolved” -> RESOLVED
PingdomN/A“down” -> FIRING, “up” -> RESOLVED, “paused” -> SUPPRESSED
Dynatrace“critical” -> CRITICAL, “warning” -> WARNING, “info” -> INFO“open” -> FIRING, “closed” -> RESOLVED, “acknowledged” -> ACKNOWLEDGED
Grafana“critical” -> CRITICAL, “high” -> HIGH, “warning” -> WARNING, “info” -> INFO“ok” -> RESOLVED, “paused” -> SUPPRESSED, “alerting” -> FIRING, “pending” -> PENDING, “no_data” -> PENDING
New Relic“critical” -> CRITICAL, “warning” -> WARNING, “info” -> INFO“open” -> FIRING, “closed” -> RESOLVED, “acknowledged” -> ACKNOWLEDGED
Sentry“fatal” -> CRITICAL, “error” -> HIGH, “warning” -> WARNING, “info” -> INFO, “debug” -> LOW“resolved” -> RESOLVED, “unresolved” -> FIRING, “ignored” -> SUPPRESSED
Zabbix“not_classified” -> LOW, “information” -> INFO, “warning” -> WARNING, “average” -> WARNING, “high” -> HIGH, “disaster” -> CRITICAL“problem” -> FIRING, “ok” -> RESOLVED, “acknowledged” -> ACKNOWLEDGED, “suppressed” -> SUPPRESSED