Missing an installation? submit a new installation request and we will add it as soon as we can.

We recommend to install Keep CLI with Python version 3.11 for optimal compatibility and performance. This choice ensures seamless integration with all dependencies, including pyarrow, which currently does not support Python 3.12

Need Keep CLI on other versions? Feel free to contact us!

Clone and install (Option 1)


First, clone Keep repository:

git clone https://github.com/keephq/keep.git && cd keep

Install Keep CLI with pip:

pip install .

or with poetry:

poetry install

From now on, Keep should be installed locally and accessible from your CLI, test it by executing:

keep version


Get a Slack Incoming Webhook using this tutorial and use use Keep to configure it

keep config provider --provider-type slack --provider-id slack-demo

Paste the Slack Incoming Webhook URL (e.g. https://hooks.slack.com/services/…) and you’re good to go 👌

Let’s now execute our example “Paper DB has insufficient disk space” alert

keep run --alerts-file examples/workflows/db_disk_space.yml

Congrats 🥳 You should have received your first “Dunder Mifflin Paper Company” alert in Slack by now.

Docker image (Option 2)


docker run -v ${PWD}:/app -it us-central1-docker.pkg.dev/keephq/keep/keep-cli config provider --provider-type slack --provider-id slack-demo


docker run -v ${PWD}:/app -it us-central1-docker.pkg.dev/keephq/keep/keep-cli -j run --alert-url https://raw.githubusercontent.com/keephq/keep/main/examples/alerts/db_disk_space.yml

Enable Auto Completion

Keep’s CLI supports shell auto-completion, which can make your life a whole lot easier 😌 If you’re using zsh

eval "$(_KEEP_COMPLETE=zsh_source keep)"

If you’re using bash

eval "$(_KEEP_COMPLETE=bash_source keep)"
Using eval means that the command is invoked and evaluated every time a shell is started, which can delay shell responsiveness. To speed it up, write the generated script to a file, then source that.