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What’s alert?

An alert is an event that is triggered when something undesirable occurs or is about to occur. It is usually triggered by monitoring tools such as Prometheus, Grafana, or CloudWatch, and in some cases, proprietary tools.

Alerts usually categorized into three different groups:

  • Infrastructure-related alerts - e.g., a virtual machine consumes more than 99% CPU.
  • Application-related alerts - e.g., an endpoint starts returning 5XX status codes.
  • Business-related alerts - e.g., a drop in the number of sign-ins or purchases.

What problem does Keep solve?

Keep helps with every step of the alert lifecycle:

  1. Maintenance - Keep integrates with your tools, allowing you to manage all of your alerts within a single interface.
  2. Noise reduction - By integrating with monitoring tools, Keep can deduplicate and correlate alerts to reduce noise in your organization. Rule-based (all distributions), and AI-based (Keep Enterprise only).
  3. Automation - Keep Workflows enable automated alert enrichment and response.
  4. Incident Correlation - Automatically assign alerts to incidents, automatic triaging and root cause analysis (Keep Enterprise only).
  5. Summarization - Summary of an incident based on past incidents and the knowledge base (Keep Enterprise only).

How does Keep integrate with the alerts?

Alerts can either be pulled by Keep or pushed into it. Keep also offers zero-click alert instrumentation through webhook installation.