Central Alerts management

No more navigating between multiple Prometheus instances and dealing with per-region, per-account CloudWatch settings.

By linking your alert-triggering tools to Keep, you gain a centralized dashboard for managing all your alerts.

With Keep, you can review, throttle, mute, and fine-tune all of your alerts from a single console.

Alerts enrichment

You’re no longer constrained by the alerting mechanisms implemented in your tools.

Want alerts to be triggered solely for your enterprise customers? No problem. Want to include additional context not available in your current tools? Easy.

Simply connect your observability tools, databases, ticketing systems, or any other tools that can provide additional context, and integrate them with your alerts.

Automate the alert response process

The saying goes, “If you can automate the response to an alert, it shouldn’t be an alert,” right?

While that might hold true in an ideal world, we understand that many times the response to an alert can be automated—whether by double-checking or taking steps to verify that the alert is not a false positive.

Consider a common scenario—you receive a 502 error on one of your endpoints. That’s alert-worthy, isn’t it?

But what if you could confirm that it’s a genuine error with an additional query? Or even determine if it’s a free-trial user whose issue can wait until morning?