You can manage Workflows programmatically using the Workflow API.
The Workflows page implements a convinent interface to manage your workflows.

Workflows can be triggered by:

  1. Alert
  2. Predefined interval
  3. Manually

You can learn more about how to create workflows and about the workflows syntax in the workflows docs or in the examples section in Keep repository.

Upload a Workflow

Drop your workflow yaml file or use the “upload workflow”:

Connect a missing Provider

When you upload a Workflow, Keep parse it and checks what Providers this workflow needs in order to run. If the provider is not installed, the Workflow won’t be able to run. To install the missing Provider, just click on the “install” link:

You will be taken to the specific Provider installation page:

Run a Workflow manually

If a Workflow was defined with the manual trigger, the “run manually” button will be enabled:

Delete a Workflow

To delete a Workflow, just click on the “trash icon”:

View Workflow executions history

View a specific Workflow execution logs