• title (required): The title of the incident.
  • roomPrefix (optional): Prefix for the incident room (default: “incident”).
  • labels (optional): List of labels to associate with the incident (default: [“keep-generated”]).
  • isDrill (optional): Whether the incident is a drill or not (default: False).
  • severity (optional): Severity of the incident (default: “minor”).
  • status (optional): Status of the incident (default: “active”).
  • attachCaption (optional): Caption for any attachment.
  • attachURL (optional): URL for any attachment.
  • incidentID (optional): ID of an existing incident to update.


Grafana Oncall Provider does not currently support the query function.

Authentication Parameters

The Grafana Oncall Provider uses API token authentication. You need to provide the following authentication parameters to connect to Grafana On-Call:

  • token (required): Your Grafana On-Call API Token.
  • host (required): The URL of your Grafana On-Call host (e.g.,

Connecting with the Provider

To connect to Grafana On-Call, you need to create an API Token:

  1. Log in to your Grafana On-Call account.
  2. Go to the API Tokens page.
  3. Click the Generate Token button and provide a name for your token.
  4. Copy the token value and keep it secure.
  5. Add the token value to the authentication section in the Grafana Oncall Provider configuration.


  • This provider allows you to interact with Grafana On-Call to create or update incidents.
  • The random_color function generates a random color for incident labels.
  • The startTime and endTime parameters use ISO-8601 format.
  • The notify function returns information about the incident created or updated.

Payload example:

  "incident": {
    "incidentID": "4",
    "severity": "minor",
    "labels": [
        "label": "keep-generated",
        "description": "keep-generated",
        "colorHex": "#9E0847"
    "isDrill": false,
    "createdTime": "2023-09-10T10:31:58.030369Z",
    "modifiedTime": "2023-09-10T10:31:58.030369Z",
    "createdByUser": {
      "userID": "grafana-incident:user-64fd801847a9191105b3c2df",
      "name": "Service Account: keep-tests",
      "photoURL": ""
    "closedTime": "",
    "durationSeconds": 0,
    "status": "active",
    "title": "Test Incident",
    "overviewURL": "/a/grafana-incident-app/incidents/4/test-incident",
    "roles": [],
    "taskList": {
      "tasks": [
          "taskID": "must-choose-severity",
          "immutable": true,
          "createdTime": "2023-09-10T10:31:58.005917795Z",
          "modifiedTime": "2023-09-10T10:31:58.005922353Z",
          "text": "Specify incident severity",
          "status": "done",
          "authorUser": null,
          "assignedUser": null
      "todoCount": 0,
      "doneCount": 1
    "summary": "",
    "heroImagePath": "/api/hero-images/548564/uoKQrUg5gxteZJ6SdFrMOEhBiN6JtLHLmCSqDzDD0SX93NAhe6ChvhLORmTrSqbC2SEzde7YSKa94UcRsoizm45y3nCGv7eq7Zolk0Y5MzDJrhZRkwrksitQm2eR4iEV/v3/4.png",
    "incidentStart": "2023-09-10T10:31:58.030369Z",
    "incidentEnd": ""