Authentication Parameters

The AppDynamics provider requires the following authentication parameter:

  • AppDynamics Username: Required. This is your AppDynamics account username.
  • AppDynamics Password: This is the password associated with your AppDynamics Username.
  • AppDynamics Account Name: This is your account’s name.
  • App Id: The Id of the Application in which you would like to install the webhook.
  • Host: This is the hostname of the AppDynamics instance you wish to connect to. It identifies the AppDynamics server that the API will interact with.

Connecting with the Provider

Obtain AppDynamics Username and Password:

  1. Ensure you have a AppDynamics account with the necessary permissions. The basic permissions required are Account Owner or Administrator. Alternatively you can create an account (instructions)[]
  2. Find your account name here.
  3. Determine the Host here.
  4. Get the appId of the Appdynamics instance in which you wish to install the webhook into.