• title (required): The title of the incident.
  • plan_id (required): Plan id inside which the task will be created.
  • bucket_id (optional): Bucket id (unique id of the board inside a plan) inside which the task should be created, if not provided the task will be created in No bucket board.


Microsoft Planner Provider does not currently support the query function.

Authentication Parameters

The Microsoft Planner Provider uses client_id, client_secret and tenant_id to generate access_token for authentication. You need to provide the following authentication parameters to connect to Microsoft Planner Provider:

  • client_id (required): The client id of your registered application in azure.
  • client_secret (required): The client secret generated inside your registered application in azure.
  • tenant_id (required): The tenant id where the authentication app was registered in azure.

Connecting with the Provider

To connect to Microsoft Planner, follow below steps:

  1. Log in to your Azure account.
  2. Register an application here.
  3. After successfully registering the application, go to the API permissions page and add the below permissions:
    • Tasks.Read.All
    • Tasks.ReadWrite.All
  4. Go to Overview page and note the Application (client) ID and Directory (tenant) ID.
  5. Go to Certificates & secrets page, create a new client secret and note the client secret value.
  6. Add the client id, client secret and tenant id to the authentication section in the Microsoft Planner Provider configuration.


  • This provider allows you to interact with Microsoft Planner Provider to create tasks.