The notify function take following parameters as inputs:

  • notify_type (required): Takes either of incident or notes depending on weather you want to create an incident or a note.
  1. parametres for incident
    • message (required): This will be the incident message.
    • description (required): This will be the incident description.
    • priority (optional): Priority of the incident.
    • status (optional): Status of the event.
    • event_id (optional): event_id is used to resolve an incident
    • additional_json (optional): Additional JSON data to be sent with the incident.
  2. parametres for notes
    • message (required): The message of the note.
    • incident_id (required): Id of the incident where the Note has to be created.
    • attachments (optional): List of attachments for the notes.

See documentation for more

Authentication Parameters

The Squadcast provider requires at least one of the following authentication parameter:

  • refresh_token (optional): Your Squadcast refresh_token.
  • webhook_url (optional): URL of your incidents_webhook.

See Squadcast Refresh Tokens for more.

Connecting with the Provider

  1. Go to Refresh Tokens to see how to create a refresh_token.
  2. Visit Documentations to learn how to setup incident_webhooks & get the webhook_url