Keep’s integration for Slack enables seamless communication by allowing you to send notifications to Slack. This integration is designed to streamline your processes, ensuring your team remains informed with real-time updates.

Key Features

  • Direct Notifications: Utilize Keep to send messages directly to your Slack channels.
  • Flexible Configuration: Easily configure alerts based on specific triggers within your Keep workflows.
  • Interactive Messages: Enhance your Slack messages with interactive components like buttons and inputs.

Getting Started

Authentication Methods

Keep’s integration for Slack supports two primary authentication methods:

  • Webhook URL: For simple notifications, use the webhook URL associated with your Slack channel.
  • OAuth 2.0: For a more integrated experience, authorize Keep using Slack’s OAuth 2.0 flow. This method is particularly useful for applications requiring access to more Slack features.


  1. Add to Slack: Begin by clicking the “Add to Slack” button on this page. You’ll be guided through the OAuth authorization process to connect Keep with your Slack workspace.

    Add to Slack
  2. Installation Confirmation: After adding Keep to Slack, you’ll be redirected to a confirmation page. This page will confirm the successful installation and provide the next steps to fully leverage Slack notifications within your Keep workflows.

OAuth Flow

The OAuth flow simplifies the connection between Keep and Slack, providing a secure method to authenticate and authorize.

  1. Initiate OAuth: Click the “Slack” Provider in the Platform. OAuth Authorization
  2. Authorize Keep: Follow the prompts to authorize Keep to access your Slack workspace.


  1. Create a Slack App: If you haven’t already, create a Slack app in the Slack API Dashboard.
  2. Enable Incoming Webhooks: In your Slack app settings, enable Incoming Webhooks and create a webhook for the channel you wish to post messages to.
  3. Use Your Webhook URL: Within Keep, use the webhook URL to send notifications to your chosen Slack channel.

Using Keep’s integration for Slack

With Keep’s integration for Slack installed, you’re ready to enhance your workflows with Slack notifications. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Workflow Integration: In Keep, select the workflow you wish to add Slack notifications to. Add a Slack notification block and configure it with your message or alert criteria.

    Workflow Configuration

  2. Send a Test Notification: Ensure your setup is correct by sending a test notification through your configured workflow, use the “Run Manually” link for that..


The notify function take following parameters as inputs:

  • message: Required. Message text to send to Slack
  • blocks: Optional. Array of interactive components like inputs, buttons
  • channel: Optional. The channel ID to send to if using the OAuth integration.
For support and further assistance, shoot us a message over Slack (pun intended ;))