The notify function take following parameters as inputs:

  • id (required): The global ID or path of the project.
  • title (required): Title of the Issue/Ticket.
  • description (optional): Description for the Issue.
  • labels (optional): Issue labels seperated by a Comma.
  • issue_type (optional): Issue type name. One of issue, incident, test_case or task. Default is issue.

See documentation for more

Authentication Parameters

The GitLab provider requires the following authentication parameter:

  • host (required): GitLab host name of the project.
  • Personal Access Token (required): Your Personal Access Token with api scope.

See GitLab Scopes for more.

Connecting with the Provider

  1. Go to Personal Access Token to see how to create a personal_access_token.
  2. Get host, eg: if you’re using Cloud GitLab, use: or use your host if you’re using onPrem.