• time: str = "14d": The time range for the query (e.g., 1d)
  • project: str: The project to query on.

Authentication Parameters

The api_key and organization_slug are required for connecting to the Sentry provider. You can obtain them as described in the “Connecting with the Provider” section.

project_slug is if you want to connect Sentry to a specific project within an organization.

To connect self hosted Sentry, you need to set the api_url parameter. Default value is

Connecting with the Provider


To obtain the Sentry API key, follow these steps (Docs):

  1. Log in to your Sentry account.
  2. Navigate Settings -> Developer Settings section.
  3. Click on Custom integrations.
  4. Click on Create New Integration on the top right side of the screen.
  5. Select Internal Integration and click Next
  6. Give the integration an indicative name, e.g. Keep Integration
  7. From the permission section, select the required scopes as defined at the bottom of this page.
  8. Click Save Changes
  9. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen to the TOKENS section and copy the generated token — This is the API key you will be using in Keep.

Organization Slug

You can find the Organization Slug in your Sentry URL. For example, this is our playground account: - The organization slug is keep-dr.

To obtain the Organization Slug from the settings page:

  1. Log in to your Sentry account.
  2. Navigate Settings -> General Settings.
  3. Copy the Organization Slug from the Organization Slug input.


Certain scopes may be required to perform specific actions or queries via the Sentry Provider. Below is a summary of relevant scopes and their use cases:

  • event:read | Required: True | Description: Read events and issues.
  • project:read | Required: True | Description: Read projects in organization
  • project:write | Required: False | Description: Write permission for projects in an organization. (*Required for auto-webhook integration)


When installing Sentry webhook integration, Keep enables built-in Webhook integration to all accessible projects and adds a new Alert that has an Action to send a notification via Webhooks to all accessible projects.

You can achieve alerts pushing from Sentry to Keep using an Internal Integration which is not automated via the platform. Contact us to set it up.