Grafana currently supports pulling/pushing alerts. We will add querying and notifying soon.


Grafana Provider does not currently support the notify function.


Grafana Provider does not currently support the query function.

Authentication Parameters

The Grafana Provider uses API token authentication. You need to provide the following authentication parameters to connect to Grafana:

Connecting with the Provider

To connect to Grafana, you need to create an API Token:

  1. Log in to your Grafana account.
  2. Go to the Service Accounts page (cmd+k -> service).
  3. Click the Add service account button and provide a name for your service account.
  4. Grant “alerting” permissions:
  1. Now generate Service Account Token:
  1. Use the token value to the authentication section in the Grafana Provider configuration.

Post installation validation

You can check that the Grafana Provider works by testing Keep’s contact point (which installed via the webhook integration).

  1. Go to Contact Points (cmd k -> contact)
  2. Find the keep-grafana-webhook-integration:
  1. Click on the “View contact point”:
  1. Click on “Test”:
  1. Go to Keep - you should see an alert from Grafana!