LinearB Integration

The LinearB provider facilitates the automatic creation, update, and deletion of incidents in LinearB through its public API. It supports dynamic incident management based on operational events, allowing teams to synchronize their development metrics and alerts with LinearB’s project management capabilities.

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  • provider_id: Unique identifier for the provider instance.
  • http_url: The URL to be associated with the incident for direct access.
  • title: Title of the incident.
  • teams: JSON string of teams involved in the incident.
  • respository_urls: JSON string of repository URLs related to the incident.
  • services: JSON string of services affected by the incident.
  • started_at: Incident start time in ISO format.
  • ended_at: Incident end time in ISO format.
  • git_ref: Git reference (branch, tag, commit) associated with the incident.


  • JSON response from LinearB API indicating the success or failure of the operation.

Authentication Parameters

  • api_token: Required for authenticating with LinearB’s API. This token must be kept secure as it allows access to manage incidents.

Connecting with the Provider

Obtaining an API Token

To use the LinearB provider, you must obtain an API token from LinearB:

  1. Sign in to your LinearB account.
  2. Navigate to the API settings section.
  3. Generate a new API token with the appropriate permissions.
  4. Securely store the API token as it is needed to configure the LinearB provider in Keep.