The query function take following parameters as inputs:

  • board_id: Required. Trello board id
  • filter: Optional. Comma seperated list of trello events that want to query, default value is ‘createCard’


Authentication Parameters

The query function requires an api_key and api_token from Trello, which can obtained by making custom power-up in Trello admin.

Connecting with the Provider

  1. Go to to create custom power-up.
  2. Create new power-up and add basic details like name, email address, etc.
  3. Once it is created, navigate inside power-up and go to API Key section.
  4. There click on Generate a new API key and it will generate API Key, that will be used as api_key.
  5. For generating api_token, there is option to generate Token manually, click on that and authorize the application.