The kwargs of the notify function in GitlabPipelinesProvider contains the following Parameters

  gitlab_url(str): API endpoint to send the request to. (Required*)
  gitlab_method(str): GET | POST | DELETE | PUT

Basically the kwargs will be automatically populated by the variables passed under with in the workflow file.


It prints the output in accordance with the response in the following format Sent {method} request to {url} with status {response_status}

Authentication Parameters

A Gitlab Personal Access Token GITLAB_PAT associated with the gitlab account is required to perform the required action.

Connecting with the Provider

Create your personal access token in gitlab

  • On the left sidebar, select your avatar.
  • Select Edit profile.
  • On the left sidebar, select Access Tokens.
  • Select Add new token.
  • Enter a name and expiry date for the token.
  • Select the desired scopes.
  • Select Create personal access token.


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