• team_name (required): The team name associated with the issue.
  • project_name (required): The project name associated with the issue.
  • title (required): The title of the incident.
  • description (optional): Additional details of the incident.
  • priority (optional): The priority for the incident in linear issue (numeric value within 0 to 4).


Linear Provider supports both query and notify methods.

Authentication Parameters

The Linear Provider uses api_token for request authorization. You need to provider the following:

  • api_token (requires): The personal api key for your linear app.
    • How to obtain:
      1. Visit the Linear app or website.
      2. Log in to your Linear account.
      3. Navigate to your account settings -.
      4. Navigate to the API page.
      5. Under Personal API keys section generate the key.
      6. Copy the generated API token.


  • This provider allows you to query projects for the given Linear team.
  • This provider allows you to notify (create issue) inside Linear app for given project and team.