Authentication Parameters

The Victoriametrics provider requires the following authentication parameters:

  • VMAlertHost: The hostname or IP address where VMAlert is running. Example: localhost,, or
  • VMAlertPort: The port number on which VMAlert is listening. Example: 8880 (if VMAlert is set to listen on port 8880).

Connecting with the Provider

  1. Ensure you have a running instance of VMAlert accessible by the host and port specified.
  2. Include the host and port information in your Victoriametrics provider configuration when initializing the provider.

Push alerts to keep using webhooks

You can push alerts to keep without connecting to Victoriametrics This provider takes advantage of configurable webhooks available with Prometheus Alertmanager. Use the following template to configure AlertManager:

  receiver: "keep"
  group_by: ['alertname']
  group_wait:      15s
  group_interval:  15s
  repeat_interval: 1m
  continue: true

- name: "keep"
  - url: '{keep_webhook_api_url}'
    send_resolved: true
        username: api_key
        password: {api_key}