The Netdata Provider enables seamless integration between Keep and Netdata, allowing alerts from Netdata to be directly sent to Keep through webhook configurations. This integration ensures that critical alerts are efficiently managed and responded to within Keep’s platform.

Connecting Netdata to Keep

To connect Netdata to Keep, you need to configure it as a webhook from Netdata. Follow the steps below to set up the integration:

  1. In Netdata, go to Space settings.
  2. Go to “Alerts & Notifications”.
  3. Click on “Add configuration”.
  4. Add “Webhook” as the notification method.
  5. Add a name to the configuration.
  6. Select Room(s) to apply the configuration.
  7. Select Notification(s) to apply the configuration.
  8. In the “Webhook URL” field, add https://api.keephq.dev/alerts/event/netdata.
  9. Generate an API key with webhook role from the Keep settings.
  10. Add a request header with the key “x-api-key” and API key as the value.
  11. Leave the Authentication as “No Authentication”.
  12. Add the “Challenge secret” as “keep-netdata-webhook-integration”.
  13. Save the configuration.


  • Currently, Netdata don’t support webhook in on-premises installations.