The Azure Monitoring Provider integrates Keep with Azure Monitoring, allowing you to receive alerts within Keep’s platform. By setting up a webhook in Azure, you can ensure that critical alerts are sent to Keep, allowing for efficient monitoring and response.

Connecting Azure Monitoring to Keep

Connecting Azure Monitoring to Keep involves creating an Action Group in Azure, adding a webhook action, and configuring the Alert Rule to use the new Action Group.

Step 1: Navigate an Action Group

  1. Log in to your Azure portal.
  2. Navigate to Monitor > Alerts > Action groups.

Step 2: Create new Action Group

  1. Click on + Create.

Step 3: Fill Action Group details

  1. Choose the Subscription and Resource Group.
  2. Give the Action Group an indicative name.

Step 4: Go to “Action” and add Keep as a Webhook

Step 5: Test Keep Webhook action

Step 6: View the alert in Keep